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The Curios Case of a Senseless ‘Left-Liberal FemiNazi’ Maneka Gandhi

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That the current BJP-led regime dutifully leaves no chance to prove its ‘Left-Liberal’ and ‘Secular’ credentials from time to time is no secret.

Even the P.M. Modi can be seen professing his India resides inside a certain Muslim mobile application developer, Smriti Irani can be witnessed playing a sob act for Rohit Vemula right inside the parliament, and no less than the Home Minister Rajnath Himself can be observed covering the extra mile to offer his ‘Namaz’ inside an Islamic place of prayer with a suitably ‘green’ cap falling off his skull. 

The latest member of the central government to enter the ‘Me-Too-Liberal’ bandwagon is the WCD (Women and Child Development) Minister Maneka Gandhi who has assumed the herculean task of policing the entire spectrum of Social Media to prevent ‘trolling of women’ upon its various platforms!
In a society that is already getting overtly pissed off the Left-Liberal FemiNazi brigade in almost every walk of life, and upon a platform so wide that it is almost impossible to be scanned and monitored by even the U.S. investigation agencies, Maneka Gandhi has actually committed the foolhardiness of hurriedly setting up a dedicated cyber cell in her ministry with a senior bureaucrat, Chetan Sanghi to look after the same.

Initially, the minister announced through her Twitter handle that any woman who is being trolled online can directly inform her at her email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Swamped with a large number of emails in a single day due to such an impromptu and half-baked Kejriwalsque decision, she changed her mind and advised them to use the hashtag #IamtrolledHelp to raise an alarm if they are being bullied or stalked online, and further dictated the NCW (National Commission for Women) to have a look upon such cases.
As was bound to happen, the NCW chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam got baffled and said that policing the Internet is not possible as it an open space like a galaxy with tens of millions of twitter accounts and no organization can keep an eye on twitter. Passing the ball onto the police department for these actions, she apparently dissuaded the minister from getting into this whimsical drive. But then, Maneka was too determined and went on to meet the Twitter authorities to seek their help in her ‘mission’.
According to some sources, the minister handed over around 1500 Twitter accounts to those authorities for being taken ‘proper action’ against, and most of these accounts belong to the 'Right Wing' social media enthusiasts who happen to irk the Left-Liberal Congressi-AAPtard jamaats the most.

Now this raises a series of serious questions for everybody to ponder upon. First, does the oh-so-intelligent minister of current regime have no idea as to how the Left-Liberal Pro-Jihadi anti-national ecosystem will target the Right-Wing supporters at Facebook and Twitter by raising fake ‘female-troll alarms’ against them, only to find their accounts being blocked or deleted off these platforms? Has she thought of putting any mechanism into place to verify whether the accused Social Media users actually harassed or trolled any complainant or else they were being trapped because of fighting for their nation and Dharma?
Secondly, is Maneka Gandhi not aware about the extent to which the big players of pathetically Anti-Hindu and Anti-National Left-Liberal mainstream media are pissed off with the common citizens who register sharp and lethal protest upon their social media accounts against the intellectual thuggery they are involved in since decades? What if these media houses deliberately begin to follow a pattern of registering troll complaints against these users in large numbers and quash all the honest and bipartisan voices that are exposing their intellectual dishonesty out in the open?

And finally, the WCD minister must remember a small incident if that is not too difficult for her.
In the year 1978 she used to run a magazine titled ‘Surya’. This very same ‘Women Rights Warrior’ Maneka Gandhi had published naked pictures of a 21 year old student of the Delhi University named Sushma Chaudhary in compromising positions with Suresh Ram. Suresh was the son of Babu Jagjivan Ram, the then Defence Minister in the Morar Ji Desai led Janta Party government. Reportedly Maneka did it on the behest of Indira Gandhi to finish the career of Babu Jagjivan Ram, a powerful Dalit leader who was capable of finishing the political prospects of the Nehru-Gandhi clan forever! Probably this tells us a lot about how serious the ‘Women Rights Warrior’ Maneka Gandhi has always been towards the modesty of females, and the level of opportunism she can stoop down to, in order to play a political card in her favor.

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