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Dear PM Modi & Dr Swamy, The Nation Wants to Say!

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Right since assuming the position of nation’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made it a point not to address any private media house through a one-to-one interview. For the first time, he decided to address a private media outlet, and hence arrived at the Arnab Goswami’s show aired upon Times Now channel on the 27th of June, 2016.

What happened

During the interview, PM Modi talked upon a range of issues, and to a large extent it was a fairly nice and balanced interaction between the two.
But on the course of the interview, he said one thing that raised a huge furore everywhere right from social media discussions, mainstream media headlines and even drawing room political chats across the nation. In a question, Arnab asked “Prime Minister, in Raghuram Rajan’s context, your Rajya Sabha MP has made many comments. Later he made critical remarks against senior bureaucrats. My question is, do you think it is right? When we talk about ‘Sanyam’ (restraint) and ‘Santulan’ (balance), is it correct?” To which, the PM replied as “Whether it is someone from my party or not, I believe that such things are inappropriate. The nation won’t benefit from such publicity stunts. One should be more responsible while conducting themselves. Anyone who believes he is bigger than the system is wrong.” The things didn’t stop there. Arnab then remarked “That’s a very clear message”, to which he responded saying “I have a very clear message. I have no two minds about it.”

Everybody knows that it was referred to none other than Dr Subramanian Swamy, the lone warrior who has consistently been raising questions upon the Brown Sahib Pro-West elements embedded deep within the positions of importance with respect to decision making regarding the economic and financial policies of the nation. Raghu Ram Rajan, the current RBI governor and Arvind Subramanian, the Chief Economic Advisor to the central government are two primary amongst them. Though Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister is the real pawn controlling this narrative at the behest of his ‘western masters’.

Now while the Left-Liberal Secular lobby comprising journalists, thinkers, politicians and activists is having a field day mocking Dr. Subramanian Swamy and celebrating his snubbing by the PM to its worst levels, the nationalists seem to have standing divided upon the issue. While a considerably large number of them seriously and rightfully find Dr. Swamy to be a rare combination of intellectual brilliance, fearlessness and ardent love for his nation and Dharma and are therefore feeling badly humiliated by PM Modi’s words, at the same time many nationalists feel that

On Dr Swamy's Part

Dr Swamy should have restrained the choice of words while ruthlessly attacking these western agents in the Indian eco-political ecosystem.
While, whatever happened was really very unfortunate and must have not happened in the first place. A thoroughly sincere, honest, hard working and highly talented Prime Minister castigating a yet another defiant and nationalist intellectual stalwart on national television, who by the dint of his sheer guts and wisdom took the disgusting Nehru-Gandhi dynasty by storm and brought it to face a string of corruption court cases, was a very unpleasant and disheartening scene to witness for all of us. But then, there are a few other aspects to the story as well.

It is no secret for any sincere and aware nationalist worth his salt that the western Anti-India powers have been leveraging a number of people sitting at powerful positions inside the mechanism of governance to adversely affect the economic, financial and commercial growth of our nation. Those elements existed in both the UPA regimes, and some of them are a part of the system during the present regime as well. By using their might, they have been attempting to mould and skew our economic policies in such a manner that our domestic growth can be covertly hampered to every possible extent. Raghu Ram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian and a few others, including the most powerful of them all – Arun Jaitley, the current Finance Minister of the nation very clearly belong to this club. Have a look upon the decisions made by them during their tenures till date, and the policies they have stressed to be formulated and it becomes all clear for anybody to observe. And this was the same thing that Dr. Swamy was emphasizing through his attacks upon all of them. Just that, his peculiar style of doing things does not follow any restraint – it never has. He believes in taking his or even his nation’s enemies head on, and has always done his things that way – whether it was the 2G scam, the alleged EVM malfunctions or even the Ram Sethu issue.

But now, Dr. Swamy is not a lone warrior leading his own party. Now he is a reputed and senior member of the BJP – the ruling party of the nation. Not even this, he is a part of the National Executive Committee of the party and above all, recently he has been assigned with the responsibility of the membership of the Indian parliament too, as a Rajya Sabha MP. All these factors definitely mean that Dr. Swamy must now turn a bit mellow in his expression and get a bit diplomatic in his war against the anti-nationalists. We do not mean to suggest that he must get softer upon those who are at destroying the nation from within, but now his strategy must be rethought upon a bit, in our humble opinion. Now that he is an inside and important part of the party organization, instead of launching open attacks he must try to assemble the patriot lobby within the party organization to generate a consensus and raise questions upon them during inner meetings and conferences. That will actually serve the purpose more effectively and gracefully at the same time, we believe.

On NaMo's part

As far as the PM Modi is concerned, almost everybody in the world today – barring the ever-blind Left-Liberal-Secular-Congressi brigade of our nation – is able to clearly envisage as to what an astoundingly smart vision he is having for a prosperous and powerful India of tomorrow. The way he has been working incredibly hard day in and day out to strengthen our economy, bring more foreign investment to boost our national growth and also turn India into a robust and militarily strong nation in future – deserves all praise, proud and support from all of us. But at the same time, he must have not overlooked the fact that Dr Swamy is indeed one of the most sought after Right-Wing ideologues today, and an entire generation of online young nationalists of India takes a lot of inspiration and courage from him. It’s he who through his videos and statements vehemently circulated online upon various social media platforms has actually woken up a huge crowd of young Indians from the slumber of their comfort zones, and encouraged them to think about their nation and Dharma. The PM , therefore, must have not been that harsh and direct in his criticism towards Dr. Swamy.


We at ShankhNaad, hence, sincerely wish and request all the parties to now please put this public war of words to a permanent halt; and for nation’s sake sort out there differences amicably inside the close boundaries of party and organization itself.
Nationalists and true nationalists have already turned too scarce of a species in India thanks to the degenerate Macaulayian-Leftist indoctrination of our masses for decades under the aegis of British and their Nehruvian Congress successors; and whosoever are left today, are finding it really very painful to see two of their tallest icons drifting away from each other. Hope they are listening to us, and care for our true sentiments for them and our motherland.


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