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Life Behind the Line

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Shankhnaad in association with Future Bytes has ventured into a documentry which aims to take us beyond the lines of our nation's boundaries in our latest venture coming up in March this year.

A tale about #InhumanPak in film, ‘Life behind the Line’, is first of its kind in the documentary films category and follows the tragedies of  minorities livng on the other side of our borders, namely the neighbouring Islamic state of Pakistan.  Atrocities upon the religious minorities in Pakistan is an open secret for decades now. Sometimes upon the pretext of all pervasive blasphemy laws, sometimes the sharia, sometimes draconian national security clauses - it's always the minorities on the receiving end of things. The failed state of Pakistan invests heavily to hide this systemic targeting from the eyes of the world. However, some cases spill out, shaking the humanity world over. Be it the case of forced marriage and conversion of Rinkle Kumari, beheading of Sikhs, burning of a Christian couple, target killing of Baloch and Sindhis or even humiliation of Shias & ahmedias for that matter. No minority is safe in Pakistan if these cases are seen as the tip of the iceberg.
Minorities therefore, have been declining in numbers at an alarming rate. For example Hindus were 23% of Pakistani population in 1947, now they're less than 1% and vanishing fast. This ethnic cleansing, humiliation and tortures has forced some to uproot themselves from their ancestral lands and head for shelters in India. The documentary features their lives, their stories and their pain.
The documentary proceeds to capture their new experiences in India, how things have been different for them, the problems they've had to face initially and the pressures they had to endure -social, financial or even political.
 A great feature of the documentary is that Gaurav's managed to capture the pain of these minorities while they narrate their own stories, recalling the horrors of their recent past and the anxieties they share about those who they've left behind. A bigger challenge lies ahead of them concerning their social acceptance, assimilation in the mainstream and resumption of their normal lives. 

 A deeper analysis into their minds often reveals that not only are they suffering form a type of post traumatic stress but also embittered with their dark past. The childhood of their youngs carries deep scars of harassment, discrimination and fear. Shedding that life behind and moving ahead with a fresh start is something which is easier said than done. They've crossed the border with quite high expectations, with regards to their religious fervour, self respect and dignity. Will they find the India of their dreams ? Or will they regret having ventured into a country where people do not value the same things they do ? 

The documentary is an association of Future Bytes and ShankhNaad and provides us some answers and also leaves us with some questions. Overall a brave attempt to capture the often ignored bare truth that lies right besides our borders. The Life Behind the line. 

Gaurav Aery, (producer director: Life Behind the Line) has remarked that this documentary was a journey into the sadness and despair of people whom we refuse to recognise as humans. People whom we've taken for granted, deserving of punishment simply because they chose to live in a land of religious fanatic and bigots.
Their crime was, they were not born into the majority religion and therefore do not deserve a life. Makes one wonder, what more lies behind those stories untold and unheard.
The documentary is currently in post-production and is expected to release March 2015. 

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Life Behind The Line (Trailer)
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