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Saturday, 19 August 2017 08:56

President Rodrigo Puterte: The Ruthless Slayer of Terrorism

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With nicknames like “The Punisher” and “The Trump of the East”, Rodrigo Duterte- the 16th President of Philippines defies agitations by Human Rights groups to unleash terror on Criminals & Drugs Peddlers via Vigilante Death Squads. He has given a free hand to vigilante groups (like Salwa Judum in India against Maoists) to punish the culprits until the last criminal and drug peddler drops dead.

President Duterte is not interested in Appeasement Policies and Bootlicking or Political Correctness & is not a Puppet of west. He do not aspire to be a statesmen. He wishes to live like a normal president who can fulfil his promise of wiping out Drugs, Political Corruption, Crime & Terrorism from his country.

His legendary verbal tirades like, “When I was fighting the election, I had promised that I will suppress crime, drugs & corruption. Now when I am fulfilling my promise, why are foreigners complaining? I did not promise them anything."- shows that he is not flickered by an ensemble of criticism from EU, UN and US.

This 16th President of Philippines has ordered thousands of drug raids, and allows officers to open fire if threatened.
He wishes to take the Philippines from being one of the biggest Non-NATO allies in Southeast Asia to a Major Power that cannot be influenced by US. Rodrigo considers Vladimir Putin as his role model and is a great friend too.

He believes that Christianity was forced on the Filipinos by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and that there was peace in Philippines before the advent of missionaries. It is notable that he has forced several missionary groups to compensate molestation victims. He ordered Society of Jesus to pay 16 million dollars as compensation for molestation charges. Despite 92 % of his citizens being Christians, he criticises the missionaries and claims that Filipinos were made to fight with their Malay brothers by Christian Invaders.

Exposing the MSM and Presstitutes, he lashes out that, “Just because you are a journalist, you are not exempted from assassination if you are a son of a bi***!”

He successfully won an Arbitration against China over a South China Sea Dispute.

Unlike Indian Leaders, Rodrigo is least bothered about diplomacy and his International Image and threatened to open a new International Organization with China and some African Nations. He admits that he encourages vigilantism. Not only drugs dealers but users are being jailed mercilessly & several thousand drug Peddlers have been gunned down by police.

He has also waged a war against the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf which is the Filipino Version of ISIS. Recently he warned that he could be 50 times more barbaric than Muslim Militants & that he would eat their livers with plain salt and vinegar if captured alive.

It is high time that Indian Polity came out of this egalitarian and passive mode and restore the country's internal safety back to order. Bootlicking United Nations and craving for international attention will only lead to demise in the next polls.

People of this country wouldn't want to live for very long with a Docile & Coward government which is still in an hibernating mode of Aman ki Asha and Bhaichare ki Bhasha.

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