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Friday, 04 August 2017 07:52

Wife of ISIS Fighter Tells Horrific Story About Sex Slaves of ISIS

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Its been three years that the Yazidi community was attacked by islamic terrorist group ISIS. Since then, several incidents have come up which tell us the painful stories of yezidis. Their men were killed and women & children wer taken as slaves. Below is an interview of the wife of a ISIS fighter who came to know about such Sex Slave Market in ISIS ruled areas.

A Female Muslim Reporter Jenan Moussa from Lebanon interviewed the wife of an ISIS fighter for Dubai based Al Aan TV. The revelations will put the entire Humanity to Shame. We have failed in our collective responsibility as Global Citizens to help and protect each other. Here is the word by word translation of the ISIS fighter's wife’s revelations to Jenan Moussa.

Jenan Moussa has been interviewing Syria, ISIS women in Syria about the condition of Yazidi slaves, about the virginity tests & rapes they have to endure apart from jealous ISIS wives. Since the genocide of Yazidis in Sinjar in 2014, at least 3100 male Yazidis have been killed, 7000+ women & children have been enslaved.

Speaking to Jenan, the wife of an ISIS fighter told her that, “When ISIS took Sinjar, all Yazidi men they found were killed. ISIS considers them real Kafirs (unbelievers) so they had to be killed. The women, they were all gathered. They (ISIS) told the women: "Take off your clothes". And then ISIS brought a doctor to inspect them. The ISIS doctor checked who is virgin and who is married. Because otherwise ISIS cannot know who is virgin and who is not a virgin. Upon inspection, the doctor would say: 'This is a virgin, this not.' ISIS then separated the virgins from the non-virgins.

They also collected the non-adult males (they call them abeed or male slaves) and they separated them into a different group too. Many ISIS soldiers participated in the Sinjar battle and afterwards every fighter got a sabiya (female Yazidi slave) as a gift. All soldiers were happy to get female slaves, because they could have sex with them. Slave owners offered own slaves to their friends. Each day a different friend slept with slave. Sometimes they slept with slave from back (anal intercourse). It's forbidden in Islam.

They end up taking slaves to hospital because they got injured from the way they had sex with them. Some of slaves were really young in age. When they sleep with the young girls, girls start bleeding, so ISIS fighters sometimes would take them to the hospital for treatment. When Baghdadi came to know about how fighters were sleeping with slaves, he didn't accept that. This isn't way to deal with slaves, he said. 

Baghdadi told ISIS fighters: Slave owners must do sharia/religious course. This course will teach you rules on how to deal with slavery. After completion of sharia course, ISIS fighters kept slaves to themselves. And didn't allow friends to have sex with their slaves. Also a new rule: If you want to sell your slave, you have to wait until she passes one menstrual cycle before new owner can sleep with her. Later selling slaves became a business.

ISIS fighters would buy a slave for $1000. Then they would sell them for $3000 to make profit. There was slave auctions. One fighter said: "I want $10000 for my slave." Others said: "No mine is better, she's virgin, $20000 for her!". My husband explained to him: “There is a Telegram channel, it is called 'Souk lil Sabaya'. All the fighters of ISIS are in this group." I saw many pics on this telegram channel. ISIS puts pics of slave with good clothes, makeup, showing her body to get best selling price.

ISIS fighters start bidding for slave. If she's beautiful, high price. If she's pretty & virgin VERY expensive. Some sold for $30000. My husband was on that channel, selling & buying slaves. Friend of husband loved to have slaves, always changing them, sleeping with them. If he wants to buy a slave, he not only wants to see pic, he will touch her body. He checks if it's good for him, if her breasts are OK.  Some ISIS guys ask: “We will not buy slave until we see it all, they have to undress. Others were okay with seeing only pic and buy." Some (ISIS fighters) would say: “I want to see her naked, why should I get cheated and get a bad quality slave?"

In Raqqa, there was market for slaves. I can’t remember which day. When it's slave market, it gets so crowded esp. Saudi ISIS fighters. ISIS fighters start fighting in market over slaves. And when they take slave home, their wives fight with them because they feel jealous. Some ISIS fighters would treat their female slaves better than their own wives. He will buy for the slave make-up & nice clothes. 

Some (ISIS) fighters will basically treat their slave good for personal reasons because he wants to sleep with her. Others would treat their slave good because they want to sell the slave and you get more money when the slave looks good. It's just like when you are selling a car, you have to show the car in its best condition to get the best price. Same goes for slaves.

My Lebanese husband, he did not mind having a slave. But he did not have enough money to buy one. My current Tunisian (ISIS) husband he did not want to have a slave. His friend gave him one slave as a gift, but he didn’t take her. My husband hates the issue of slaves. He said: I don’t accept it that woman I sleep with has slept with many different guys before. One time I saw (in Raqqa) a slave girl & she was crying very loud because every time they would sell her to a different fighter. I told her: I can't help you. Either convert to Islam, become Muslim or try to run away. If I help her, ISIS would arrest me or kill me.”

Indian ISIS recruits derive the sadistic pleasure of Exploiting a Kaffir (Male and Female) slave in Sinjar because they cannot do this openly in India. This is also one of the main reason for cross-organizational switching and assimilation of various Al-Qaeda fighters into ISIS. Bottomilne is, Quran mentions about female-slaves for jihadis. ISIS members are only following what they learn.


Are Yazidis Related To Sanatana Dharma?

Yes, it is in public domain that Yazidis have temples extremely similar to Sanatana Dharma and their god resembles Lord Kartikeya (Also known as Murugan, son of Maa Parvati & Lord Shiva).

Can India Help Them Officially?

Though We can grant them asylum in India, helping Yazidis in Iraq is difficult because of their negligible representation electorally.

Any International Humanitarian Groups Helping Them?

Several Missionaries are trying to help and assimilate them to Christianity.

This is the same treatment that was meted out to Non Muslim women in India during Islamic Invasions. The Islamic Fighters had plundered and invaded Yazidis even in 1640 & 1892 for establishing an Islamic Caliphate. 

The world has forgotten about the inhuman Armenian Genocide and exploitation of Christian Women by the Ottoman Empire. It is noteworthy that Mahatma Gandhi supported the Khilafah or (Caliphate Movement) in India. On one hand he preached Non Violence and on the other hand he openly supported the Khilafat Movement in favour of an Islamic Caliphate. This is why Indian Muslims joined Gandhi in the fight against Britishers, unlike what the Owaisi brothers wish to propagate.



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