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Tuesday, 14 June 2016 00:00

Communist China Bans Ramzan Fasting; Indian Leftist Secu-Libs Buried in Graveyards of Dead Silence

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The Islamic ‘Holy Month’of Ramzan (pronounced ‘Ramadan’ nowadays to sound more Arabic, hence Wahhabi, and hence ‘Secular’) has officially begun, and the Facebook and Twitter timelines all around seem to be busy expressing best wishes to the Muslim and Non-Muslim friends alike.

Of course, who would prefer to sound ‘intolerant’ by not greeting the world around them in these days? Afraid, we too extend our heartfelt greetings to all the Muslim and Non-Muslim population of the world, on the occasion of this great festival of ‘peace’ and ‘brotherhood’; notwithstanding the fact that continuing its trend has begun issuing its daily ‘Ramadan Bombathon Scorecard’ this year too. You may have a look to have more peace.
Now, coming to the main crux of the story. How the Indian Leftist gang of Secular-Liberals has since decades supported the Jihadist and Islamist powers in the nation through every possible platform is quite an open secret. It may be surprising for many to know that it was a Muslim Comrade named Sajjad Zaheer who had actually proposed a separate nation for Indian Muslims on the basis of their religion during pre-partition era. That to fool around every Non-Muslim crowd across the world, the Left relentlessly stresses to say that it finds religion an opium is a different thing altogether.
After the fall of the U.S.S.R., barring a few leftist anarchies such as North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba, the Indian Leftist thugs have been left with only China as their only Mecca, which they shamelessly and desperately look up to for every single ray of inspiration. Now China being a superpower in both financial and militant terms, is the most appropriate place for the brutal and barbaric Leftist Totalitarian tyranny to put its true colors at stark display. Human rights are stamped under the Red boots of Chinese Armed forces being commanded by the criminal syndicate of Communist leaders on an everyday basis, and every single voice of slight dissent is not only slaughtered silently but buried deep beneath the ground to emerge never again. When the Chinese dispensation in itself is so inhuman and terroristic in thought and action, it takes no prize to guess what would they do with any potential terrorist network trying to rise its head in the nation.
Incidentally, a western province of China named Xinjiang is Muslim dominated and hosts around 10 million native Muslims, known as Uyghurs. The province is abundant in natural resources, and the Leftist powers ruling the country know it very well how Islamism is close to Communism in its greed and barbaric lust to grab power at any cost. Therefore, in order to keep the Uyghurs as away from the core tenets of Islam as possible, and crush all the seeds of political aspirations inside them, the Chinese Communist dictators have selectively, methodically and mercilessly been persecuting the Uyghur Muslims in every possible manner since ever. But at the center of their agenda lies a strong and continuous effort to distance the Uyghur youth’s mind away from Islam and its core beliefs.
In a bid to discourage the Islamic thought process among the Uyghur masses, the Chinese regime once made its Imams to literally dance out in the open streets, imposed restrictions upon the full beard at another point of time, and banned Ramzan feasting in some areas last year. Now, keeping up with the tradition, this year China has completely banned Ramzan feasting and that too especially in the XinJiang province for a number of sections among its Muslim population, according to a report published in the International Business Times. The report suggests, Chinese government websites have openly declared this clampdown that covers civil servants, students and children. Such a notice posted upon the government website of Korla city situated in central Xinjiang says, “Party members, cadres, civil servants, students and minors must not fast for Ramadan and must not take part in religious activities; and during the Ramadan month, food and drink businesses must not close.”
Though the news agency Reuters had reported a few days back quoting a few Chinese officials that their will be no ban on fasting in Xinjiang during Ramadan, the higher authorities in the Leftist regime of the nation had other ‘Secular’ and ‘Multi-Cultural’ plans it seems.
While the World Uyghur Congress, an exile group of Chinese Uyghur Muslims has criticized the move saying “China thinks that the Islamic faith of Uyghurs threatens the rule of the Beijing leadership”, what’s amusing and appalling at the same time is the dead silence of the Left-Liberal-Secular Messiahs of Indian Muslims at this grave injustice and violation of human rights being brazenly inflicted by China upon the Uyghur Muslims. The same people who yell at the Indian Army screaming in favor of ‘Kashmir’s Azaadi’, who relentlessly castigate Modi for 2002 riots and who broke open the doors of the Supreme Court at 2.00 AM to get Yakub Memon pardoned off his death sentence, are now lying as silent as the dead corpse of their ideological master Vadimir Lenin. Similarly, the Imam Bukhari who regularly threatens the government of Israel from the minaret of Jama Maszid and who was screaming his lungs out against the persecution of Rohingya Muslims carried out in Burma, has turned absolutely deaf and blind at this. Despite all our efforts, we are still not able to decipher the secret of this silence of the ‘Left-Liberal Secular Custodians of Islam’. Are you, anyhow?

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