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Tuesday, 05 May 2015 05:19

Country of the Blind exists and kafirs live in it

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After the Texas shooting, there is all round condemnation in the US media of Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller, the two greatest counter-jihadists alive; for indulging in "needless provocation."
This is the power of low level, random, but unceasing violence.

Two jihadi gunmen tried to ambush a Garland, Texas, event featuring cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, organised in spirit of freedom of expression.

Approximately 200 people attending the event. The gunmen attacked at the time when Dutch politician on Al-Qaeda hit list - Mr. Geert Wilders was speaking at the event. His speech can be found here.Dutch politician Mr. Geert Wilders with security team just before the shootings

The gunmen were shot down by a traffic officer using his service pistol. Soon details began to emerge about the shooters- They came prepared with  body armor and assault rifles. One had even declared loyalty to ISIS.

The real damage is done

Although shot down before they could inflict any massive physical damage, the intended psychological damage is done. The event (not the bigot shooters) is now receiving worldwide condemnation, more than before. Of course the most vocal are the people in America themselves.
So, even in the 'Land of Free and Home of Brave', just after 14 years of a brutal terrorist attack on it, there are open calls to surrender.

This only shows that dhimma can be imposed from the top, in one go, if the believers have conquered the land; or it can also be imposed from below, by imposing one provision at a time, and unleashing vigilantes on the violators.

Frogs very quickly take to adjusting to the rising temperatures, little realising that plan is actually to boil them to death.

Violence alters the brains of human beings in ways unknown to them; and one of the mechanisms to cope with the violence they adopt is to deny that there is any violence. Another is to blame themselves. In the first, no action is required. And in the second, they still feel in control of the situation, because if their behaviour is the cause of violence, they can stop it by changing the behaviour.

The subtle changes to American society have already been inured in its ordinary folks' minds. Stupidity is usually reinforced by closeted jihadi zeal from those in positions of influence or power. The U.S. is beginning to witness that which has already happened to Europe. India is worst of all where de-facto largest muslim population of the world resides (if only its censor figures were not fudged) making it prone to large scale radicalisation and the results are for everyone to see.

Those speaking the truth are labelled hate mongers.
"The Country Of The Blind" is not the name of just a story. It actually exists, and kafirs live in it.


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