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Monday, 04 September 2017 07:08

Why is Deportation of Rohingyas from India Essential?

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Illegal Rohingyas in India Illegal Rohingyas in India

The deportation of the Rohingya Muslims from India has become a top-level priority for the government due to multiple reasons. If they are granted asylum, they will turn out to be one of the biggest security threats for an already overburdened country.

Though the official figure says there are 40,000 Rohingyas in India, actual number could be even more considering the fact that majority of them entered India illegally and have been settled in different areas by local Islamic NGOs.

Security Forces see these illicit immigrants as a potential threat. The security forces and intelligence reports in Jammu & Kashmir suggest that the nation is sitting on an impending Time Bomb and it won't be long when there would be mass assimilation of Rohingya immigrants into Militancy.

Most of the Rohingyas live on Zakat & Aid from Islamic NGO fundings.

According to J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti, around 13,400 illegal immigrants live in Jammu alone. 

Drug trafficking and Smuggling:
Owing to the rampant unemployment, Rohingyas especially in Jammu & Hyderabad have been resorting to criminal activities like Drug trafficking and Smuggling. Hundreds of Rohingyas in Hyderabad specifically in the areas of Hafeez Baba Nagar, Pahadi Shareef, Balapur, Mir Momin Pahadi & Kishanbagh & Samba Area in Jammu are unemployed because of their lack of knowledge in Indian Languages.

NGOS helping Rohingyas at State Exchequer
Shady NGOS like Burmese Refugees Relief & Rehabilitation Committee(BRRRC) run by Nazimuddin Farooqui (Salamah Trust) helped settle over 1500 Rohingyas. But most of them are still unemployed despite benefitting from all religious charitable aid, NGO donations, State Sponsored Schemes and facilities at the Cost of State Exchequer. 

Advocates And Urban Naxalites At The Rescue Of Rohingyas:
Urban Naxalites like Prashant Bhushan have been on the forefront to seek stay in the deportation of Rohingyas from India. Advocates Shah Faisal & Fidel Sebastian had filed an application seeking stay on the PIL filed by Advocate Hunar Gupta some months ago. Now Prashant Bhushan has moved the Supreme Court demanding a stay in the deportation back to Myanmar. 

Laudable Action By BJP Legal Cell And Other Nationalist Groups
Advocate Hunar Gupta (BJP Legal Cell) filed a PIL demanding deportation of all illegal immigrants from Myanmar. According to Arjun Gupta- State BJP Spokesperson, “If West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs) can’t be given citizenship after three generations, how can these people be allowed to stay in the state? Their settlement in a sensitive border state is a great threat to national security” . However, Hindu Immigrants who migrated from West Pakistan in 1947, 1965 & 1971 were yet to receive any Identification Cards. JKNPP has been on the forefront to speak out against the illegal occupancy of Indian soil by Thousands of Rohingya Immigrants.

Proven Links with Terrorism:
Intel reports suggest that Lashkar Militants are recruiting widely from Rohingya Refugees. 2 Militants killed in an Oct 2016 encounter (South Kashmir) were Rohingya Natives. NIA arrested Khalid Mohammed , a Rohingya Native in connection with Burdwan Blasts. In 2012-13, Indian Agencies suspected involvement of some Myanmar based radicals from Rohingya who worked hand-in-hand with Lashkar to carry out Mumbai Terror Attacks

  • Bangladesh Intelligence informed New Delhi about Rohingya Extremists having a hand in the Blasts that rocked Bodh Gaya, Buddhism’s Holiest State
  • According to Intel Sources, ISI is planning to operate a fully functional Eastern Front to launch Attacks in India via the New Myanmar Based Terror Launchpad near the Thailand-Myanmar Border
  • Taliban fighters were training Rohingya Muslims to take up militancy in their terror launch pad in Morisot. HuJi-A & ISIS looking to impart training to Rohingya Youngsters to take up Jihad against India. HuJI leader Maulana Abdul Quddus who is the founder of HuJI-A is a Rohingya Muslim himself. 
  • Delhi Police Arrested 2 Rohingya Muslims Mohammed Ilyas & Mohammad Idris in March 2017 with suspected links to terrorist groups from East Delhi while trying to escape to Dubai on Fake Passports
  • New Insurgent Group called Harakah Al Yakin  consisting Rohingya Muslims has its strong presence in Bangladesh, Myanmar & India. 

Rohingya Muslims in Jammu possessing Aadhar Cards several eyebrows. A large number of illegal immigrants possessed fake Aadhar Cards. The Home Ministry had reiterated the fact that Rohingya Muslims were not eligible to be considered as Indian Refugees as their stay is illegal under Foreigners Act 1946. Most of the 40000 odd Rohingya Muslims crossed the border via the porous Indo-Bangladesh & Indo-Myanmar Border and the Bay of Bengal Sea Route. They continue to loom over as an imminent threat to National Security. They are infiltrating into Strategic Hindu Pockets like Jammu. Around 1/4th of total Rohingyas (ie 10000 Rohingyas) have captured vital areas in Jammu and are thriving on Minority Schemes meant for Indian Citizens. Kashmiri Muslims on the other hand, have hardly anything to offer for their Islamic Brothers. 


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