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Monday, 28 August 2017 07:00

Purohit targeted for Exposing ISI's infiltration into Indian Politics!

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Javed Qureshi Javed Qureshi

One of the biggest reasons why Lt Col Purohit was targeted and branded as a Hindu Terrorist was for the fact that he was extremely dangerous for the Indian National Congress and NCP

Why was Lt Col Shrikant Purohit a threat to INC and NCP ? 

Lt Col Shrikant Purohit had painstakingly developed an effective network of registered informers and spies. His informers were deep within ISI. He knew a lot about ISI's plan to Inject SIMI elements into Congress and NCP. In 2006, he alerted Maharashtra ATS that Javed Qureshi, Ex SIMI terrorist was planted by ISI. He pointed out that Javed was given Congress Seat from Aurangabad at the behest of ISI which was slowly infiltrating Indian Politics, Bureaucracy, Economics and other areas. 


Today Javed Qureshi is a senior MIM leader and very close to the Owaisi brothers and Waris Pathan. He was the Aurangabad District President of AIMIM in 2014. 


Lt Col Purohit’s alterted Maharashtra ATS about SIMI’s pentration into Politics: 

In a training workshop for Maharashtra ATS, he said that Congress and NCP were wooing SIMI cadres with an eye on Muslim Strongholds like Aurangabad. Javed Qureshi had represented Congress as Councilor in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation

Honest Officers have like Lt Col Shrikant Purohit was declared as a Hindu Terrorist along with Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and others. They established a concept of Saffron Terror with their paid media stalwarts. Congress even incarcerated top officers like DG Vanzara who successfully thwarted ISI’s Infiltration attempts from Gujarat Borders. 

 The successor of SIMI, Popular Front of India have been linked to several terrorist activities in Kerala and South Indian States. Right from the death of Prashant Poojary, Love Jihad Rackets via Dawah Squads, ISIS recruitment and running Religious Conversion centres like Satya Sarini. Their Political outfit SDPI has been linked directly to ISIS in NIA investigations recently. Most of the Murders of RSS activists in Kerala are executed by PFI and SDPI activists who enjoy legal patronage of a battery of Muslim Lawyers spread across the country. Politicians who sold their souls to International Terrorists are a bigger threat for our country than all terrorists and criminals put together. 

 Image Courtesy: www.manushi.in         

 Ref: Interview of Mrs Anjali Purohit by Madhu Kishwar 


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