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Thursday, 24 August 2017 10:05

Was Lt Col Purohit implicated due to the Congress-ISI Nexus that he was Aware of?

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Lt Col Purohit Lt Col Purohit


Lt Col Srikant Purohit was labelled as a dreaded terrorist and the mastermind of the 2008 Malegaon Blasts Case. Indian National Congress and all the parties belonging to the UPA coalition kept on weaving tales of Saffron Terror and reduced Purohit’s image to an anti national rogue.


None of the mainstream media channels emphasised the fact that the Honourable Indian Army had given Lt Col Purohit a Clean Chit in its Internal Court of Inquiry. On top of that, he was hailed as one of the finest Military Intelligence Officers to have taken birth in this country by several Veteran officers.


We, hereby present the Official Stand of the Honourable Indian Army on Lt Col Srikanth Purohit :


The most important charge against Malegaon Blasts accused Lt Col Purohit was that he stole RDX s from an Army Seizure for 2008 Malegaon Blasts. But on the contrary, Military Records and the Army Court of Inquiry prove that Purohit could have never siphoned off RDX.


The RDX seizure in Kashmir was done by the Operations Unit or the Infantry, where as Col Purohit belonged to the Intelligence Team. Considering the internal checks and balances, it would have been impossible for Col Purohit to siphon off RDX from such a Seizure. On top of that, ATS officer Bagde was caught Red Handed planting RDX packets inside Col Purohit’s informer Sudhakar Chaturvedi’s House by 2 Military Intelligence Officers.


Illegal Detention and Third Degree Torture:

Acting Against the Standard Army Protocol, Col Shrivastav arrested Lt Col Purohit from a Military School in Madhya Pradesh, and took  him to a private Detention Centre in Khandala instead of handing him over to the Indian Army Headquarters. His personal belongings were illegally confiscated and he was given Third Degree Torture for over a week including threats to his wife and mother.


All this was done with full knowledge and sanction of the highest echelons of the UPA regime


Purohit Spoke about ISI nexus with NCP and Congress :


Col Purohit had unearthed a connection between NCP, Congress and ISI. He publicly spoke of Javed Qureshi , a SIMI terrorist turned politician with ISI support, who got a congress seat from aurangabad, (now in MIM). He assumably knew many more things that could have exposed UPA's links with ISI



Army Court of Inquiry :

54 out of 55 witnesses ( except one cross examined by Purohit) gave a clean chit to Col Purohit. The Court said that the manner in which Army Personnel handed Col Purohit  over to the ATS is questionable.



The fact that Lt Col Purohit was an outstanding and meritorious Intelligence Officer, even according to Official Indian Army records was comfortably subdued. He was projected as a dreaded terrorist to weave out the concept of Saffron Terror for the vested interests of the UPA.


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