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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 13:53

Col Purohit : Army Officer on a Secret Mission, Framed in a Terror Case by Congress

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Our soldiers are so patriotic that they can go to any extent for the security of our nation. Sometimes they go on missions that are highly classified. Several such classified operations are off the records, so classified that only few even in the armed forces know about it.

If our own government detains exemplary soldiers in fabricated cases of terror,  where they are unable to prove themselves innocent due to the secretive nature of their missions, what message are we conveying to the rest of the soldiers?

One such soldier is Col Purohit, who was a part of the Military Intelligence Unit. His task was to unearth the nexus between ISI & Political Parties.

Who is Lt. Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit?

Shrikant Purohit hails from a middle class family in Maharashtra. His father was a bank officer. He completed his education from Pune. At the age of 22, Purohit was commissioned into Maratha Light Infantry in 1994 after he cleared out of the Officer’s Training Academy at Chennai. Between 2002-2005, he served in the Counter-Terrorism Operations Unit in Jammu and Kashmir. Later he was transferred to Military Intelligence.

The Case

Col Purohit was arrested at the behest of the then Congress govt for Malegaon blast 2008 case. Around 2008, Congress was desperate to prove that Saffron Terrorism exists. This was their attempt to shift their focus from Islamic terrorism which is real. To prove their theory, they got several Hindus arrested in various terror cases like Sadhvi Pragya & Swami Aseemanand (They too granted bail since there is no proof against them)
Col Purohit was arrested in same manner.

He was wrongly accused of supplying RDX

ATS’s Claim

When ATS arrested Col Purohit, it claimed that he supplied RDX for terror activities. Traces of RDX were found at the house of one Sudhakar Chaturvedi who is a retired Armyman and a close associate of Col Purohit.

What NIA Found
NIA investigation found out that it was ATS which planted evidences against Col Purohit & Sudhakar Chaturvedi.

On 5th Nov, 2008,
ATS officially arrested Col Purohit. But just 2 days before this…,
On 3rd Nov, 2008,
ATS officer, sub-inspector Shekhar Bagde entered the house of Sudhakar Chaturvedi illegally. Major Praveen Khanzode & Subedar KK. Pawar caught SI Bagde red handed. Bagde pleaded before them not to tell anyone or he would lose his job. Both the Major & Subedar have testified this before NIA & Army Enquiry.

What Army Enquiry Found

59 Army personnel have testified before Army Court that Col Purohit was just doing his job, infiltrating various groups and tracking terrorists. He came in contact with Hindu group Abhinav Bharat but as a part of his mission. But ATS used his links with Abhinav Bharat as evidence to frame him in Malegaon Blast case.

After the 9 years of inhumane detention, Col Purohit was finally freed on bail by Supreme Court after it noticed that there was no evidence against him.

Since the truth is by his side, he will soon be acquitted in the case but the major question remains unanswered-

If Government gets such a brave officer working on a secret mission arrested just to appease a particular community, what message will it give to the rest of the officers?



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  • Comment Link Sumi Wednesday, 23 August 2017 01:20 posted by Sumi

    Shame on our justice system! Col Purohit should've been released nine years ago! Can you imagine the ordeal his family has gone through! Sir I apologise for this terrible injustice!

  • Comment Link Dev Tuesday, 22 August 2017 15:45 posted by Dev

    All the congress leaders should be arrested Sonia Gandhi to sindhe ..

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