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Monday, 21 August 2017 08:40

Yes, Love Jihad Exists : Kerala HC, SC & NIA

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Love Jihad is practiced secretly by some young Muslim boys pretending to be in love with Non-Muslim Women like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains where they are ultimately persuading them to convert to Islam.

This is a Global phenomenon and considered a Moderate and Lighter form of Non-Combatant Jihad. These youngsters enjoy the support of Muslim organizations like Popular Front of India, MIM or local Imams and the Nikahs are Sanctioned and regulated by Self Proclaimed Qazis using the authority of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. The girls are often enslaved, impregnated and dumped later on. But since a couple of years, Love Jihad is being actively used to induct women into Terrorist Groups like ISIS. This has alarmed the Investigative Agencies which have found that several recent cases of Love Jihad have Trails of Direct Terror Plots in them.

In the recent Akhila Ashokan (Hadiya) Love Jihad Case, the Honorable Chief Justice of India acknowledged the presence of Love Jihad and gave a Landmark hearing which directed the NIA to probe into the role of terrorist groups operating under the Garb of Romance.

The Matter: Akhila Ashokan Conversion Case
Akhila, a 24 year old girl from Kottayam was born to Hindu Parents Ashokan Mani and Ponnamma. Her father has retired from the Indian Army and mother is a housewife. She was pursuing Homeopathy from Salem, Tamil Nadu with her friends Jaseena and Faseena Aboobacker.

She was gradually drawn towards Islamic Teachings by Jaseena and her sister Faseena. They brainwashed Akhila using Zakir Naik Videos.

Akhila’s parents started getting worried when their only daughter called them “Kafirs” and asked them to Embrace the only True Religion. She began offering Namaz and dressing up in a Burka. This did not go very well with her father. He came to know later that Jaseena and Faseena were actually Popular Front of India Activists.

Akhila went missing from her Salem house on January 6th 2016. Her parents filed a Habeas Corpus Writs in high court demanding custody of their daughter. Akhila appeared on January 19th 2016 claiming that she had embraced Islam and has adopted name Hadiya and that she was admitted to Sathya Sarani for Islamic Studies by Aboobacker on her own accord. She underwent conversion at Sathya Sarini and Jaseena’s father Aboobacker introduced Akhila to a lady called Sainaba. Sainaba, a Social Activist has a history of marrying off Hindu Girls to Muslim men. The High Court thus rejected the first Petition saying that there was no Illegal Confinement and everything was happening at Akhila’s own will.

Her Ex-Armyman father filed yet another petition after 6 months alleging that efforts are being carried out at the behest of Popular Front of India to Transport Akhila to Syria or Yemen. In Dec 2016, the courts directed Akhila to shift back to the Hostel casting doubts on Sainaba’s Source of Income.

An incident on Dec 21st 2016 changed the court's perspective altogether.
Akhila was asked to appear to collect certificates and documents from her father. To the Court’s shock, she appeared with a stranger called Shefin Jahan who claimed to be her husband. An infuriated High court bench asked as to why was the court kept in the dark about the marriage and that this cast several aspersions in Hadiya’s Imaginary Story.

The Honourable bench cast suspicions over Akhila’s claims that she frequented Sathya Sarini to Learn Islam and asked her why did she not pursue Islamic Studies post Nikah after the initial 2 months of Islamic classes if she really wanted to Learn

The marriage was subsequently annulled by Kerala High Court in May 2017. The Kerala High Court called the Marriage Void because it believed the Nikah was only a Hogwash to let Hadiya fly out to Dubai, where she could have easily reached Yemen or ISIS.

Kerala High Court's Observation
The High Court, described it as a case of ‘Love Jihad’. The Kerala High Court Observed that “Shefin Jahan is one such person who has been assigned to play the role of going through a sham of a marriage with Ms. Akhila, with the object of transporting her out of India. The marriage was conducted in a hasty manner with the object of overreaching the jurisdiction of this Court.” The court called Shefin “only a stooge who has been assigned to play the role of going through a marriage ceremony."

"In the first place, it is not normal for a young girl in her early 20s, pursuing a professional course, to abandon her studies and to set out in pursuit of learning an alien faith and religion. The normal youth is indifferent towards religion and religious studies. Though the possibility of genuine interest in the study of religion on the part of any person cannot be ruled out, such inclination is in the first place out of the ordinary.

Though the alleged detenue in this case is stated to have set out to study Islam, her study has been confined to merely attending a course of two months duration conducted by the 6th respondent (Sathya Sarani). She does not appear to have conducted any study thereafter," the court observed.

Muslim organizations marched and protested violently against the High Court hearing under the banner of Muslim Ekopana Samiti.

Shefin Jahan, with the help of Muslim organizations, appealed in Supreme Court against the decision of Kerala High Court

Supreme Court’s Stand on Case:
Chief Justice of India JS Khehar
made it clear that he wants to get the whole picture for assessing the ramifications of the case.

If there are issues going beyond the purview of Kerala or is part of a radicalization trend in the southern states which is threatening national security, they (NIA) should be able to assist us. 

Drawing inferences to the suicidal game Blue Whale Challenge, he asked, Have you heard of the game Blue Whale? You can lead people to anything these days.

The Honourable Chief Justice of India directed that the probe be personally monitored by retired apex court judge, Justice R V Raveendran.

Findings by the NIA:
NIA pointed out that almost all conversions in Kerala to Islam are inter-connected as either the facilitators or protectors of the converts are common. Sathya Sarini and other Institutions were found to be a common conversion shelter homes which are thronged by Qazis, Maulas and funded by PFI.

NIA ASG Maninder Singh states that “ Akhila’s case is not the only isolated case. The entities appear to be same in several similar cases.
The pattern appears to be: A girl has a disagreement with her parents. She leaves home and somebody gives her shelter. The person who gives shelter is same in other conversion cases, and this requires probe. In most cases, the same organizations were involved (PFI). These organizations and people have links with (the now banned) SIMI.

He referred to Sainaba, the person who claims to be the new guardian of Hadiya (Akhila). Sainaba introduced Akhila to Shefin Jahan. They had planned to escape to UAE after their Nikah, from where she could go to Yemen.
Sainaba has married off several Hindu women to Muslim men in the past.

Shefin Jahan had been the admin of a WhatsApp group  called ‘SPDI Keralam’ consisting of Core Members of Kerala PFI. SDPI is the Political Wing of Popular Front of India. He was also in another group called ‘Thanal.’ Mansy Buraqui, who was arrested in connection with the Islamic state module, was also a member of the two mentioned groups.

NIA is investigating as to how Akhila who claims to have a meagre salary of Rs 2000 per month hires expensive Lawyers like Kapil Sibal and Indira Jaising at the Supreme Court.

Previous Love Jihad Cases:

  • July 2016 : 25-year-old Nimisha, brother of an NSG commando was taken to Sri Lanka after religious conversion in July 2016. She was a part of 17 fresh ISIS recruits from Kerala.
  • July 2016, a woman named Mini Vijayan claimed that her daughter Aparna has been forcefully converted to Islam at same Sathya Sarini. Aparna was a student of Aeronautical Engeering. She adopted name Shahana after conversion.
  • In July 2012, Deepa Cherian (31) a former Christian housewife converted to Islam was arrested for allegedly delivering SIM cards to a key terror suspect languishing in prison.
  • 2012 : Kerala's Christian CM from Congress Oommen Chandy admits that over 2500 women converted to Islam in Kerala
  • Kerala's Ex-DGP TP Senkumar, in a recent interview to online publication Samakalika Malayalam, agreed that Love Jihad is real
  • July 2017: Popular Front of India challenged Kerala Police with a poster that read:

    Dear Spineless Police,
    Which Bows Down To Sanghi Forces,
    We Have Decided To Take Shruti.
    We Will Take Her To Syria Or Yemen
    And Gift Her To Isis.
    Do What You Can,
    Let Us See If You Can Stop Us!

    -Popular Front Of India

    Shruthi ran away with Anees Hameed who pretended to be in love with her.

    Police authorities were alerted when a poster challenging Kerala Police circulated by Popular Front of India activists became viral on Social Media. This poster claimed that Shruthi will be taken to Syria and that Kerala Police cannot stop them from doing so. She was later rescued and sent back to her parents with Police Protection.

Organizations United against Love Jihad:

Kerala Catholic Bishops Council : 4,500 girls have been targeted upto Oct 2009. It is a serious issue. We should seriously address it so that no tension is created in Kerala between communities" warned Fr Paul Thelakkat, spokesperson of the Syro Malabar church, the largest Catholic church

Sikh Council: Hizb-Ut-Tahrir is funding Muslim Youngsters to seduce Sikh Girls.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti : 30,000 girls have been converted to Islam in Karnataka Alone

SNDP (Dalit Organization) : There are attempts going on to attract and convert Dalit Girls

Global Council of Indian Christians: Love Jihad in Kerala is a part of Global Islamization Project

Dec 2009, Justice K.T. Sankaran of Kerala High Court said that radical groups have converted almost 3000 to 4000 girls

The safety of our daughters and sisters is of Penultimate Priority to us, much more than any notions of Communal Harmony and Secularism. It is our right and duty to educate them about the dangers of Love Jihad and to protect them from the Lusty Eyes of Jihadi Organizations and Fidayeens who practise Al-Taqia and pretend Romance, while actually dreaming and working on the Payroll of the Islamic Caliphate.



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