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Friday, 18 August 2017 08:00

Three Biggest Enemies of the Nation

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Who are the Three Biggest Enemies of our Nation? What is their Modus Operandi? How do they Function?

Communists :

Communists create anarchy, to ascend to the ranks of power boycotting all forms of constructive development as symbols of Crony Capitalism, thus depriving poor sections of the society with even basic amenities. After pushing their prey to the point of No-Return, these vested interests arm them and breed Naxalism and Maoism and the nation witnesses complete chaos and mayhem.

They propagate venom amongst poor villagers and tribals and appoint them as comrades and leaders and mould them into anti-national thugs. These comrades further become naxals and maoists. There is an all out war against the government machinery over imaginary exploitation sagas.

Finally they overthrow ruling monarchs and democratic/semi-democratic governments to impose a blood thirsty Commissar Regimes sugarcoated with Socialism and Republicanism.


Jihadists :

Al Taqiya & Deception to win both hearts and subsidies. Moderate looking Jihadis peacefully demonstrate their hatred for Idolators via peaceful street preaching & advertising of their cult and Financial boycott of Non-Believers.

On achieving a sizeable representation, they breed at an unstoppable pace, with the sole intention to out-populate the majority community. Sulking and Crying for Reservation and also displaying sheer superiority complex over other faiths, this medieval faith continues to loom over as an impending danger.

Individuals who wish to come out of this vicious circle are punished with charges of blasphemy and even executed in some countries. Apostasy is one of the greatest sins. For kids who do not wish to be punished for disbelieving, 100% Shariyath and Submission to Khilafat leading to 72 virgins seem a better option so they subscribe to all forms of notoriety & even terrorism hoping that their holy deeds would reserve endless nights of fornication in a faraway paradise.



Evangelists begin their Modus Operandi with Assimilation of Cultures, Treacherous methods to absorb sub-cultures and convert / annex them under Papal Hierarchy.

Once they have enough foothold and bases, they start replacing the existing culture with evangelic parallels by either injecting papal paraphernalia or replacing pagan practices

At a point when there are enough lambs for crusades or apostates who can be the church’s cannon fodder, the final step of Arming Under-Privileged and Volatile Groups ( Like Terror groups in North East India) against Majoritarian Idolators and funding armed insurgency to give way towards Civil War takes place.

For a peaceful & prosperous future of our nation & younger generation, these three enemies must be dealt with iron fist.


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