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Friday, 04 August 2017 13:29

Ex-DIG D.G. Vanzara, Finally a Free Man After 7 Years

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Mr D.G Vanzara, Ex DIG Gujarat and Anti Terrorism Squad Head, one of the bravest Police Officers the country has ever produced, had to languish in Prison for 7 years.

As the Supremo of Gujarat Anti Terrorism Squad and as Former Deputy Inspector General- Gujarat, Mr Vanzara must be accredited for eliminating  criminals ruthlessly and instilling fear into the minds of Criminals. But he and 32 other officers (including 6 Senior IPS Officers) were framed and imprisoned by the UPA government.

His Crime?
He eliminated Terrorists like

1)         Sohrabuddin Sheikh
2)         Ishrat Jahan
3)         Sameer Khan
4)        Sadik Jamal
5)         Curbed the Menace of Cross Border Infiltration in Gujarat
6)        Restored Law and Order in Gujarat by destroying Several Terrorist Sleeper Cells

Chronological Order of Events:

15 June 2004: D.G Vanzara shot dead 4 Terrorists including Ishrat Jahan after Intelligence Agencies alerted that Ishrat Jahan and team had hatched a plan to assassinate Gujarat C.M Narendra Modi. Terrorist David Coleman Headley confessed during an FBI interrogation that Ishrat Jahan was indeed an LET Operative

November 23, 2005: Sohrabuddin Sheikh, after coming under the hitlist of Gujarat Law Enforcement Agencies escaped to Hyderabad,Telangana. He was intercepted  enroute Sangli and Eliminated by a team led by D.G Vanzara

Who is Sohrabuddin Sheikh?:
Sohrabuddin Sheikh was a Terrorist & a Notorious Arms Dealer who had ties with Lashkar-e-Toiba & I.S.I.  He was also close to Sharif Khan Pathan, Abdul Latif & Rasool Parti who are well-known Gang Leaders working for Dawood Ibrahim. IB altered Gujarat ATS that Sohrabuddin had been entrusted with the job of eliminating some powerful Hindu leaders in order to orchestrate communal riots in Gujarat. 40 AK-47 Guns had been confiscated in an earlier raid from Sohrabuddin’s  house.

April 2007: DIG Vanzara was arrested along with other IPS officers

September 2013 : D.G Vanzara resigns from his Post

Feb 18th 2015:  After spending around 7 years at Sabarmati Central Jail, he was granted Bail

Aug 1st 2017: Special CBI court discharged former DIG & Gujarat ATS Chief Mr D.G Vanzara in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh Encounter Case.

UPA’s Melodramatic Counter-Allegations:

U.P.A called these encounters an attempt by Narendra Modi to malign Muslims. P. Chidambaram, one of the masterminds who coined the term “Saffron Terror” to implicate Colonel Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya, ordered the media channels to refrain from linking  the term “Terrorist” to  Ishrat

NCP ran an NGO with Ambulance Services dedicated to LeT Operative Ishrat Jahan, apart from helping her family. Several Prominent leaders like Nitish Kumar called Ishrat Jahan her daughter and expressed solidarity.

All despite the public fact that David Coleman Headley had confessed during FBI interrogations that Ishrat was an LeT operative!

Ex IB Chief Rajendra Kumar disclosed in an interview that he was given allurements to implicate Narendra Modi in the Ishrat Jahan Case, who was viewed as a potential rival opponent by the Congress High Command

Today, we can see endless cobwebs of conspiracy theories linking Gujarati Businessmen, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi & Sohrabuddin Sheikh, implying that Sohrabuddin used to extort money for some businessmen close to Modi

P. Chidambaram, during his stint as the Home Minister admitted in an affidavit that he had FULL KNOWLEDGE about the threat of LET operatives on leaders like LK Advani and Narendra Modi and about Ishrat Jahan being an LeT Operative. But he chose to let his political rivals suffer at the behest of the Congress President and invented the terminology Saffron Terror

Congress not only underplayed and hid the official intel reports about the threats to Modi but also misled the courts and the people of the country by labelling the encounters fake and a conspiracy against Muslims

UPAs interest in playing with the enemies and letting political rivals suffer had weakened the security establishments.  They wanted to quietly watch terrorists eliminate a political opponent and a Potential Prime Ministerial Candidate from their Rival Party

They put the entire credibility of the security agencies at stake by plotting the CBI against the IB and the IB against the CBI. Their narrative gimmicks and political charades weakened the security apparatus, Intelligence & Counterintelligence framework of the country

The shameful stand of NGOS, Human Rights Groups and Media Channels:

Urban Naxalite Groups like People Union for Civil Liberties and Rothschild Funded Amnesty International sought legal action against D.G Vanzara and claimed that the encounters were a conspiracy against religious minorities. Naxalite Binayak Sen is a prominent member of that NGO (PUCL). Media Groups like NDTV and Hindustan Times have tried very hard to Label those Encounters as “Fake”.

Will these “Humanitarian” Oligarchs ever dare to speak up for the human rights of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Swami Aseemanand?

Invention of the term Saffron Terror :

U.P.A conceptualized “Hindu Terror” by implicating several Saints and honest Hindu Police Officers.

A country where the Apex Court is forced to work at 3 AM to save a Convicted Terrorist Yakub Memon forced one of its bravest Police Officers to rot in Jail for 7 years. A country where the Judicial Collegium provides all facilities to Coimbatore Blasts Mastermind Abdul Nasser Madani. The terrorist who planted the bomb during the Samjhauta Blasts, Ajmat Ali was let off after instructions from UPA High Command.

UPA can be sued for Sedition and Treason. But who will challenge the Bureaucrats and  Judicial Collegium  Members who build Judicial sanctuaries for terrorists?

Are Honest Police Officers are being targeted Deliberately?

1) D.G Vanzara lost 7 Precious years of Duty behind Bars for killing terrorists

2) 32 Brave Police Officers (including 6 Senior IPS officers) who protected us from Terrorists were imprisoned and their lives were destroyed.

3) Colonel Purohit , an exceptional Military Intelligence Officer who had information about some ISI agents within UPA leadership was arrested in the Samjhauta Blasts case.

4) Recently, Ex-DGP of Kerala T.P Senkumar was attacked by Muslim Organizations just for quoting demographic statistics about the explosive growth of Muslim Population

UPA destroyed India’s Finest Police Officers and Counter-Intelligence Framework.

Who will give Justice to these Honorable Veterans and Brave Patriots? Who will compensate their lost time and services that had to be imparted for the nation?

Who will save our Honest Police Officers?










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