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Tuesday, 25 July 2017 09:04

Maharashtra Govt To Give Special Training To Muslims For Police Jobs

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The Suicidal Induction of Muslims into Maharashtra Police by CM Fadnavis

Maharashtra Police in collaboration with Muslim Colleges will be providing “Free Exam Coaching”  as a part of 'Mission Dosti'  to muslim graduates and undergraduates via Free Residential Training Programs.

Devendra Fadnavis led Maharashtra Government is setting up District Level Residential Training Centers to  induct more Muslims into Mumbai Police, MPSC, UPSC, IBPS across 36 districts in Maharashtra with the help of NGOS and Muslim Colleges.

This could possibly mean 4 things:

1)    Mission Dosti (indirectly) implies that “Muslims” are not “Friends” already which is a racial act in itself

2)    Poor Hindu Students who work hard to prepare for Competitive Exams have no value in this country

3)    The Hindutva Promises by BJP are hovering around the periphery of extinction

4)    Such Joint Ventures between "Secular-than-Before" Police Authorities and Muslims who are keen to join IPS and IAS in the name of under-representation is perhaps another plot to enter and control Indian bureaucracy

BJP’s Disinterest in Improving the Existing Deplorable Condition of Hindu Police Constables in Maharashtra

 1)    March 19 2017: A 20 year old Cheetah Camp resident Arvind Chinva was booked and arrested under Sec 66 A of the IT Act 2000 by the Trombay police for posting objectionable content on Facebook.  An angry mob lead by AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) corporator Shahnawaz Hussain  burnt police vans, pelted stones &  hurled crude bombs injuring 15 police officers and Senior Inspector of Trombay Police Station in the process. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is just 300 meters away

 2)    Aug 11 2012: Azad Maidan Riots - 5 women officers were Sexually Molested by violent mob of 15000 jihadis. Apart from Taharrush, Police & O.B. Vans were set on fire. Police officers were beaten up by hockey sticks, iron rods, wooden maces, nails and metal rods. Amar Jawan Memorial was desecrated and rioters injured 45 constables with self-loading rifles

 3)    Aug 2016 : Constable Vilas Shinde was attacked on his skull by Ahmed Qureshi who was angry because the constable stopped Ahmed’s 16-yrs-old brother for driving bike without license. Constable Vishal died after being in Coma for 9 days. He is survived by his wife and 2 children

 4)    July 2006: An angry mob of 5000 people led by Raza Academy stone pelt an under-construction police station in Bhiwandi claiming that the place belonged to the Wakf Board and was a religious Burial Ground.

 5)    Oct 2016: Angry mobsters returning from a Muharram procession burn 2 police jeeps and a motorcycle and pelt stones at the Gayatri Nagar Police Chowky in Bhiwandi. This happened when some temple authorities of a nearby Jain Temple objected to the breaking of one of their Entry Gate Arcs by the procession and the Police intervened to ensure law and order.

Though the population of muslims in maharashtra is around 25%, the share in crime is much higher than their population ratio. According to 2012 report, 36% prisonners were muslims. No one has tried to know why and they think giving them jobs in Police will make Maharashtra safer.

The purpose of Police Service is to provide protection to the state & its people. It is not meant for providing employment to those who don't deserve.

If govt really wants to improve the conditions of Muslims, then they should ask the community to send their kids to proper schools instead of madrassas.

Time is the greatest Teacher and a nation must always learn to rectify its mistakes. This “Free Police Training” imparted by Maharashtra Govt  is a Deadlier than Ever Decision and will prove Suicidal for our future generations.
BJP has been joyfully cutting the blades of appeasement grass that once rightfully belonged to Congress & N.C.P

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