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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 12:56

Kerala's Ex-DGP Talks About Growing Jihad, Faces FIR

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 Hindu Ex- DGP of Kerala booked for exercising his Freedom of Speech

Super-Cop Mr T.P. Senkumar  served as the Ex-DGP of Kerala between May 2015 - June 2017.

The indictment of several top-brass CPM leaders in cold-blooded political homicide cases made him a “thorn” in the eyes of several state ministers. He was transferred within a year in May 2016 for being unbiased and not submitting himself before political coercions to a “Housing & Construction Corporation”. Much to LDF’s Embarrassment, the Apex Court reinstated Senkumar with full honours on April 2017, but he subsequently retired by June 2017.

But an extraordinary real life Super-Cop, Ex-DGP Mr T.P Senkumar who commanded all 49,437 Police Personnel & 10 different Battalions (including SSP, MSP, IRB, SISF, RRRF etc) was booked under "Non-Bailable" Criminal Charges for Inciting Communal Hatred, just for exercising his constitutional freedom of expression by quoting government demographic data!

What Was His Crime?

 In a recent interview to an online publication called Samakalika Malayalam, the respected Ex-DGP of Police, Kerala revealed explosive facts:
Kerala Muslims are indeed practising Love Jihad
     Educated Muslims must deter youngsters from joining radical groups
     It is absurd to compare RSS with ISIS
     Muslims account for 42% childbirths while their population is below 27%
     Religious Conversions under the pretence of "Love" should cease to exist
     The Rise in Muslim Birth Place will change the demographic character of Kerala
     Containing Religious Fanaticism is well within the reach of educated muslims

On ISIS recruits from Kerala, he remarked that “The problem comes when a Muslim is taught he should do jihad to attain heaven and that jihad is when one converts another into Islam and kills a non-Muslim. Jihad should not be understood by the Muslim community in the manner in which they are understanding it now."

All these statistical facts are well within the constitutional ambit of “Freedom to Speech”. They do not violate any rules or threaten even the tenderest threads of an imposed social fabric called secularism. If a person of this Stature can be dragged into controversies for stating known facts, just imagine what would happen to ordinary Hindus who post something online. An entire state was torched over an ordinary Facebook post in Bengal. We must tolerate the denigration of our Gods and Temples, Abduction and Rape of our Women, Robbery and Slaughter of our Priceless Bovine Wealth; but they cannot tolerate even a proven statistical fact. They are aware that there is no one in the country to question or stop them. No, not even our “Hindu” Pradhan Sewakji and our beloved Home Minister whose heart is brimming with affection for Kashmiriyat and Media Hypes like Junaid and Saleem.

As expected, multiple peaceful groups quickly swung into action and initiated criminal proceedings against him under Non-Bailable Sections for Inciting Communal Harmony.

Muslim League General Secretary PK Kunhalikutty (Prime Accused in a Sexual Racket Case) and Congress MP M.I Shahnawaz labelled T.P Senkumar as an "RSS"agent. They urged muslims to protest and burn effigies. Over 6 major parties in Kerala have condemned his views and registered their formal protest against his “communal” views.

Astounding Achievements of Ex-DGP Mr T.P Senkumar

Mr Senkumar, brought to limelight the war between Ortho-Conservative Communists( Communists like E.M.S Namboothiripad & E.K Nayanar who worked for farmers and the masses) & the current Muslim League-PFI Backed Fedayeen Style Neo-Communists.

2.  This brave supercop fought against the highest political echelons of CPM, proving involvement of  several top communist leaders in all major political murders in the state

3.  Mr Senkumar named topmost CPM leaders in the T.P Chandrasekharan Murder Case, who was murdered by CPM goons with 50 Ante-Mortem Hacks/Stabs/Cuts on his face alone for leaving CPM and forming his own party called Revolutionary Marxist Party in 2012.

4.  Awarded with the President's Medal for Distinguished Services in 2009

LDF allows Petty Hate-Mongering Jabberers to go scot-free despite their open vilification of Sanatana Dharma. They have the magnanimity to allow Popular Front of India to publicly challenge the Kerala State Police to safeguard a Hindu girl called Shruthi from being recruited to ISIS. They lack the Spine to even file cases against several thousand online instigators who openly threaten Hindus that they will impregnate Hindu women and slaughter cows.

There is not even an iota of doubt that the case itself is against the Constitutional Freedom of Speech. If a Hindu of such stature could be easily booked by petty religious groups just for quoting government approved facts, wonder what would happen to powerless lower middle class Hindu families in Kerala who are devoid of even basic resources to resist injustice. At this pace, Kerala may soon overtake West-Bengal in the rat race of establishing Sharia.



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