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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 06:50

Police Station Attacked In Meerut With Peace

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Police Station Stone Pelted: This time in Meerut !

While we proudly boast about being residents of the Largest democracy of the world, it is of utmost shame that the Temples of Justice- Our Police Stations and its Priests-Our Police Officers are being attacked in broad daylight and the assailants are shielded by political vultures who feed on Minority Appeasement. A Police Station in Meerut Bore the Brunt of Religious Over-Appeasement on an apparently peaceful day- Eid.

Hundreds of people from Muslim community attacked police station in Meerut soon after the namaz of Eid.

Police had arrested Wasim, Ahmed, Naeem and Nagesh Sharma on charges of murder of Abbasi. Parikshitgarh resident Abbasi was found dead 3 days ago. Wasim, Ahmed and Naeem were picked up for interrogations. They revealed the involvement of one Nagesh Sharma in the Murder. However, Nagesh Sharma was allowed to go back after interrogation as no evidence was found against him. Even Ahmed and Naeem were released subsequently. Investigations confirmed that it was “Wasim” who murdered Abbasi over personal enmity.

Rural S.P Rajesh Kumar reiterated the fact that Nagesh Sharma had no involvement in the murder. Wasim took Abbasi to a nearby forest under some pretense and killed Abbasi by slitting his throat.

Wasim’s relatives called the investigation “partial” and that Wasim was targeted because he was an “Innocent Muslim”
This sentiment reverberated throughout the locality and the hatred against the Police Authorities spread like wildfire.
Soon after the Monday Eid, a violent frenzied mob of 200 gathered around the Parikshitgarh Police Station.
Women began raising slogans against Police Officers. They started damaged property and then the stone pelting began. They beat policemen mercilessly. Even their uniforms were tore. Policemen had to run for cover.
The handful policemen were under-equipped to control the violent mob of over 200 violent men & women who were pelting stones continuously. The rioters also tried to burn down the police station.
It was only a couple of hours after the incident that a contingent of PAC arrived and started shooting in the air to neutralize the mob.

Attacks on Police station is not only on them but on democracy also. It’s a way to tell the majoritarian that the attackers do not fear law. And if police can not protect themselves, then who will protect tax paying & peace loving public ?

There must be concerted efforts to safeguard the dwindling credibility of the conservative approach towards neutralizing frenzied mobs. Religious Polarization should never giveaway to a bestial trend of lynch-mob casualties. This may or may not be a sporadic incident.

Nevertheless, Stringent Extra-Judicial Action must be taken against such miscreants. Otherwise, such groups will evolve into a national threat. Faith in democracy and Law & Order must be restored.

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