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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 00:00

Sanjay Kak - The Urban Naxalite Behind Ramjas Conflict

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Documentary maker who works for Independence of Kashmir and Maoist Insurgency using Indian Tax Payer's Money

The Media channels are busy brainwashing everyone that the Ramjas Clashes erupted because  ABVP attacked AISA students for conducting an Academic seminar. BBC, NDTV, Hindustan Times and The Quint are working day in and out to turn criminals like Umar Khalid facing sedition charges into overnight heroes. Khalid insisted that the system is attacking him because he represented the “tribals” and the attack on his seminars were not an attack on him as an individual but an attack on these intellectual and academic seminars.


Let us take a look at the so called DU Event / Academic Seminar that got cancelled due to the clashes. What was the Seminar About? Who were the main guests? Why did ABVP protest ?


The Pro Pakistan and Anti-Indian Army Seminar

 Sanjay Kak is documentary maker who works for Independence of Kashmir and Maoist Insurgency using Indian  Tax Payer's  Money.  When he protested against the hanging of Afzal Guru in 2013, he was detained as a Higher Education Student of the DU. He was a 51 year old higher education student living and studying at the expense of the taxpayers money and protesting against the hanging of a terrorist who waged a war against the nation.


  • Pursuing Higher Education in DU upto the age of 51 at Taxpayers expenses.
  • Documentary filmmaker on pro-Maoist insurgency issues.
  • Pro-separatism & pro-secessionist author.
  • Author of Until My Freedom Has Come: The New Intifada in Kashmir.
  • In order to save Afzal Guru, Sanjay formed a committee with lawyer Nandita Hakshar and Arundathi Roy and fought legally to prove him innocent.
  • In an interview to Democracy Now in 2013, Sanjay Kak said that Afzal Guru is an innocent man who became symbolic of the complete travesty of justice.
  • Has been perennially critical about the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian Army AFSPA and the Indian Army’s Occupation of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Was detained by the police with 12 other DU students for protesting against Afzal Gurus Hanging in 2013. Sanjay Kak was known as a senior student pursuing higher education in DU back and he was 51 years old
  • Jash-e-Aazadi (2007) : Documentary film revolving around the Independence of Kashmir. The documentary goes on to claim that the Indian Army is responsible for the deplorable condition of Kashmir and Independence is the only solution for the conflict


  • The Red Ant Anthem 2013: A documentary that declared India the enemy of Tribals & justifies Maoist violence and insurgency

Several Pakistani Newspapers like The Express Tribute openly applauded Sanjay’s Efforts with Sheikh Saaliq, editor of The Vox Kashmir, in one of his reviews in The Express Tribune said, "This film is a saga of heroism and sacrifice in the face of a brutal enemy camouflaged as the world’s “largest democracy”. Red Ant dream is a moving meditation." The Documentary uses the principles of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh to support the maoist war against the government of India


The other Speakers at the Event that was called off by DU due to the clashes between AISA and ABVP-

  • Bimol Akoijam: A JNU professor who claims that  AFSPA and the Indian Army is responsible for the dilapidated situation of Manipur.
  • Umar Khalid : Criminal facing sedition charges for his Anti-National slogans like “ Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Hazaar Insha Allah” . He spreads venom against the government and carries out orders from his maoists leaders. He claims to be an atheist but his pro-pak slogans and pro-separatist slogans for Kashmir are hugely influenced by religious factors. He comes from a family which is probably one of the most radically indoctrinated families in the country. Hailing from a family which gave birth to SIMI (which then grew into Indian Mujahideen)


The double standards of terrorist sympathizers and secession supporters is an impending  bomb that will explode into the social fabric of our nation. This is because of the successful indoctrination of “My notion of democratic patriotism” is superior to your version of “fascist & chauvinist nationalism”. They inject poison into the mindsets of vibrant young kids and convert them into communist zombies. We need to rethink whether these seminars are academic or anarchist. Freedom of expression needs to be contained within the ambits of the constitutional framework. Gross transgression of the parameters of moral & social code of conduct cannot be justified using distorted notions of freedom of expression.


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