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Saturday, 07 October 2017 09:04

The Mediocre Satiation of Approximation

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Abhimanyu, Arjuna's legendary son, was the only warrior after Lord Krishna and Arjuna to penetrate the impassable Chakravyuh (discus war formation) of the Kauravas. But, he never bothered to ask about the way to escape the chakravyuh. Thus, the legendary warrior had to leave his mortal abode at the tender age of 16. Abhimanyu's Sacrifice is perhaps one of the most influential examples of our tryst with mediocrity!


Arjuna fought with all his heart and physical strength after Abhimanyu’s Death. But today, an Abhimanyu’s death won't awaken any Arjuna. Today's Jatayu would prefer to remain a mute spectator to Ma Sita’s Abduction and rather ask, “What do I get for risking my precious life?”


Let's accept the harsh reality that nobody will come forward today to nurse Jatayu’s injuries. It is not the case that our ancestors did not warn us that wars continue even after it ceases to exist officially.


Ashwatthama murdered Draupadi’s children when Mahabharata was officially called off. Therefore it is wrong to say that surprise attacks during nights by Moghul Invaders were new phenomenon &  that our own pseudo-intellectuals are waiting to pounce on us the moment they get a chance.


We have been accustomed to living our lives based on approximation. We never had any quest for “Exact” Knowledge, never had the quench to get to the depths of anything. Living average lives filled with mediocrity has made us so mediocre that we don't even realize how dull our lives are.


For Example,  

We believed whatever Gandhi & Khushwant told us about Quran.

We blindly gulped down anything and everything that Arundhati Roy taught us about economics & anthropology.

We believed all that she told us about Adivasis.

We believed everything that Medha Patkar told us about Dams

We considered everything that Jairam Ramesh told us about Global Warming

We thought everything that Kejriwal told us about Corruption was right.



Hindus are like frogs in a well, driven by jealousy, competition, etc. amongst each other. They do not set higher standards. The preamble is interesting. It dwells on the nature of polarity. There is no max and min in existence. Any comparison is a matter of degree. According to the basic tenets of Calculus, Maxima or Minima doesn't have to be absolute maxima or minima to fulfil the mathematical condition of being a maxima or minima. Only immediate values on either sides matter. We as Hindus find maximal w.r.t. next door neighbours, colleagues, and never bother to realise that we all are actually at the bottom of the Well of Mediocrity, with some heads managing to bob up a little higher.


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