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Sunday, 04 January 2015 18:36

Sri Sri on Religious Stereotypes in Bollywood

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The following is an excerpt of a dialogue Sri Sri had with his followers, over the religious stereotypes present in our Hindi Film Industry.

"..Just imagine there are no idols at all, no temples, no photographs, no paintings, no sculpture, mankind would have been in big loss and world would be a dull place. Similarly, just imagine world without any music, any dance or any festivities. 

These people who systematically attack the values of the society or the culture of the country, they are into some mischief. They say all ashrams are bad. You can’t put all ashrams into one basket and say they all are hopeless. You can’t say that all temples are simply looting money.

What do these people do? What does the Bollywood do?

They may talk about ethnics but if see their personal lives, you can’t find ethics. Most of them, many of them.Each of those actors sometimes come in front of camera & sneezes and takes crores of rupees. For Vicks advertisement, they just have to come and sneeze 2 times in front of camera and they charge 2-3 crores. What do they do? They drink, go for the drugs, partying & waste money. They may talk about ethnics but if see their personal lives, you can’t find ethics. Most of them, many of them.

And they say there should be no idols, there should be no puja, don't go to satsangs, don’t do Dahi Handi.Dahi handi is a beautiful festival remembering the lord Krishna's life stories and people enjoy. Holi is a festival, Ganesh is a festival. These festivals bring colors to the society. That is what India is.

Just imagine no temples at all, to murtis at all, no figures at all, it won't be India. It will be like Afghanistan where 2000 years old Bamiyan Buddha statue was destroyed. What is it? Just a desert.

These people (Bollywood) have ulterior motives and they don't want ethics & religion to blossom. And they take religion and beat up the religion. This is the new trend that has come up in the society. Like how these politicians do. They create their own enemy and make them stand against them. And they go on abusing the politician. So all those who are against that politician will go to the guy who created this enemy. These are deceptions.

Similarly, you will see in Bollywood- anybody wearing a tilak will be a villain. Someone with a little choti must be a bad guy. So they bring the dignity of people who are practicing the ancient wisdom or religion into very bad light so that the young people can move away from that. The more young people move away from traditional values, they can make them susceptible for drugs & alcohols & cigarette. All these lobbies work towards them. Because what stops youth from using drugs is Religiosity. So when a youth is away from religiosity, the drugs market flourishes very well. And this is the whole lobby that is working. The drug lobby, the alcohol lobby & cigarette lobby & the Bollywood. Do you see that? Do you see the market how it is going? People who go to temple or gurudwaras or any religious place don't go to drugs. So first you have to cut youth from going to these places, and then you can influence them to take the drugs. That is how they have done it. A large portion of Punjab has been addicted this way.

Unfortunately the Bollywood is destroying the fibers by projecting all in a negative light. And mafias are funding them.

The lobbies of druggists, terrorists & unethical group of people are playing havoc through Bollywood."

You can watch the video here {youtube}lH5cesq7Hus{/youtube}


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