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Wednesday, 30 August 2017 08:34

Story of Fish - All Parents Must Tell Their Daughters

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Once there lived a Bubbly Young fish in a lake. She was a free-spirited girl, ready to explore the world and chase her dreams.

But her orthodox parents asked her not to venture out too much into shallow waters. She was advised to stay away from the shallow portions of the lake.

She was safe in the warmth and affection of her parents. Their world revolved around her.

During sunrise and sunset, the water turned golden.

She could see attractive birds sitting on big trees and flying freely in the air.

She yearned to be free like them and swim up to places where the sky and the earth confluenced magically.

Who stopped her? It was only her parents who came between her fantasy of touching the golden sky. Gradually, she started hating her parents.

Her parent’s advises seemed to chain her feet and came in the way of her happiness.

Nevertheless, she started frequenting the shallow waters.

This is when she befriended a beautiful Crane bird. She simply couldn't resist the friendliness of the charming Crane.

At one time thing became a regular affair. They started meeting almost everyday. They spoke about flying in the air, love, liberty, success, cooperation co-existing peacefully and what not.

This engraved deep imprints into her young naive mind. Now, she really believed that her parents were keeping her away from a world of infinite happiness.

The young fish started picking up fights with her poor parents. She told them that she wants to fly in the air like a Crane.

Though the upset father reprimanded her, her mother explained lovingly about the perils of the niceties of the world. She tried to explain that, “The world may look beautiful from a distance, but in reality is filled with cruel and selfish people.

The Cranes might be white, top to bottom. But are equally black deep within their hearts. Their brown innocent eyes are full of hatred for us. Their cruel black claws have stains of the blood of your grandmother. They are your enemies!”

“You are immature now, you do not know about their cunningness. Stay away from them! Never Talk to them!

Don't Trust Them!” remarked her mother. But all her warnings fell on deaf ears. Her daughter fish never really stopped meeting the Crane.

One day, the ever-gracious white Crane invited her to fly along with him in the air. Though she was nervous, the thrill made it all the more exciting!

The poor fish thought that she would proudly narrate the tales of her successful flight with her parents. This would end generations of inter-communal hatred. She would reach a place where the sky and the heavens meet and come back with beautiful tales to narrate to her friends.

And tell the entire school of fish that they were wrong about Cranes. She would tell them that the Cranes are more than good friends, trustworthy and the fishes were scared of them for no reason. 

Despite her parents begging not to meet the Crane, the free spirited young fish finally set out to fly with her Crane.

She had dreamed about this day a thousand times!

The Crane, clawed her and flew away. Within minutes, she felt uneasy and couldn't breathe properly. She requested the Crane to take her back to the waters because she couldn't breathe now! Would the Crane budge?

He revealed his true colors. After reaching a dry rock, several other Cranes joined him. Within minutes, they disrobed her and skinned her alive. While heartily digging into her tender body with sharp beaks, they munched on her flesh.

The cautious words of her mother now echoed in her ears. But it was too late.

The sky and the earth can never be together. Cranes can never be friends with fishes. No fish can pluck a celestial star.

Her tears and blood started flowing together. Her meatless bones were all that was left on that dry rock.

After finishing her up, all the Cranes started laughing. Wiping off blood to feathers, they promised to catch up soon.

After all, it was time yet again for them to narrate tales of secularism and love to their next prey.

Meanwhile, her parents stopped crying after all their tears dried up. They gave up all hopes of finding her and thus stopped searching. Neither did they have any guts to seek vengeance, nor the capability to do so.




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  • Comment Link Vikram Aditya Rao Wednesday, 30 August 2017 17:43 posted by Vikram Aditya Rao

    Very sad but true story drawing a good parallel with real life!

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