धार्मिक आस्था को लेकर मनुष्य सदैव संवेदनशील रहा है । हर सम्प्रदाय की अपनी-अपनी प्रथायें-मान्यतायें होती हैं । इसी प्रकार सनातन धर्म में गाय को माता तुल्य स्थान प्राप्त है ।

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Monday, 18 May 2015 00:00

Hinduism in Ancient Arabia

Hinduism is the most ancient code of ethics that's been followed in the world, the most ancient Dharma. Hinduism was not only limited to the Indian subcontinent. As a matter of fact, Hinduism has its firm footprints as far away as Europe and Africa.

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Monday, 13 April 2015 10:33

Attack on Hindus post Babri demolition

Hindus world over saw a large scale persecution as an aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition. Be it inside Indian territory or outside, they had to face the wrath of jihadi bigots who are not prepared to give peace any chance.

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We all know about Ram janam bhoomi movement, but we've barely been told anything about the mass persecution of hindus around the subject.

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Saturday, 04 April 2015 08:23

Loot of the Hindu heritage and wealth

Bharat, in ancient times, was the richest country in the world

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Aditi, KamaDhenu, Gaumata and Aghnya (which cannot be killed) are few references to the name of holy cow in the Vedas.

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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 07:32

The India Rising Fest 2015

ShankhNaad became a part of the INDIA RISING Fest recently concluded in Mumbai.  Held between 14th January and 18th January 2015  in Ghatkopar Mumbai,

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Many of my Hindu friends, intelligent, cultured people, whom I respect, have loved the film PK.

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The following is an excerpt of a dialogue Sri Sri had with his followers, over the religious stereotypes present in our Hindi Film Industry.

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Sunday, 04 January 2015 10:02

Dharma is Not the Same as Religion

15 years back current Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi in an interview aptly said that 'Dharma is NOT the same as Religion',and went to add that Dharma has NO equivalent in the Western lexicon.

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