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Calcutta Quran Petition

28 Dec 14
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This book compiles the documents of the Calcutta Quran Petition and provides extensive commentary on them.

The stated goal of this book is to promote a public discussion of Islam as a religion, particularly its claim that every bit of the Quran and the Hadis has a divine source. This claim is used at present to prevent a close examination of what the book contains and what message Islam has for mankind at large.

There are many authors on the subject of Islam, however, the 'Calcutta Quran Petition' is unique as it is a legal Brief in support of a lawsuit filed in the Calcutta court claiming the Koran to be in violation of Indian anti-defamation law.The history of Islam and the word of the Koran are meticulously described to support a Petition to ban the Koran in India.

Unfortunately, the Petition failed. Sita Ram Goel and the Voice of India compiled the facts pertaining to the case and have kept this treatise alive and available.

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