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Doctors are supposed to save lives. They are treated as God. But this Mumbai doctor says she will kill her 'Hindu patients' if people question her religion Islam.

Aneeqa Ghani works at a Dialysis Centre.

On Sunday, when India-Pakistan match was going on, her Facebook friend Kirtan referring to Pakistani batsmen, called them jihadi in his post. Even though he had not said anything against islam, Aneeqa Khan replied that if he writes about Islam again, she will kill her Hindu patients in her dialysis centre. See below-

(Link to post is hidden keeping in mind the privacy of the guy)

Pakistan is a terrorist country. People do call it a jihadi nation. There is nothing new or wrong in it. But Aneeqa Ghani is an Indian. Her comment about killing Hindu patients is very dangerous. Imagine how many bad things she can do to her patients. She may advise them wrong treatments. It's very dangerous to take treatment from where she works.

As a doctor, she openly threatened Hindus. Not only the Indian Medical Association, but the government should also take action against her.

We have talked to our lawyer friends about registering case against her and they are working on it.

From Linkedin, we go to know that she works at 'Kosmopolitan Charitable Dialysis Centre' in Mumbai.



We found one such dialysis centre on Just Dial and it is possible that its a same centre as the TrueCaller app shows the number given as Aneeqa Ghani only. We tried to reach on the given number but it was unreachable.

Just Dial Link-

Hindu Organisations & Champions of Secularism & Humanity must take note of this.

And Hindus!!!! Beware of this lady !!



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