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A few youngsters started ShankhNaad in 2012 with the aim of fostering Nationalism, Patriotism and Public Awareness among the people -leveraging available medium of communication, primarily the social media.

We're primarily a group of social activists based across the globe working together towards a common goal: Bharat. At the onset we started this movement against pseudo secularism, corruption and the 'breaking India forces' of all kind. We neither have patronage of nor support any political party, or org. We may admire or critcise based entirely upon an entity's work, not their affiliations. And now five years down the line, far from letting this movement fade away we seek to diversify our areas of work and and venturing out into areas of documentaries, short films, research groups and a whole lot of socio-economic activities that reach out to the underprivileged sections of the society (lest the venomous socialism reaches and poisons them). This website is a part of our work, here to spread the truth, the hidden and lesser discussed ones and also those which are not politically correct. Hope you have a good time reading these. Thanks


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