We're the community of patriots and nationalists based across the globe working together towards a common goal: Bharat.
We wish to see a Bharat of virtues without any corruption or separatism, a nation of socially uplifted classes, harmony among sects and beliefs, rights for the people, emancipated women and freedom for all.

Working towards this will be the hardest task for our generation and for many to come, but making a start while carrying forward the great work and sacrifices of those before us, is what we aim to achieve through all the activism we're involved in. ShankhNaad has time and again campaigned for various issues of social importance and shall continue to do so with the its supporters and well wishers.
Our medium of choice is social media at present, while we time and again, experiment with other mediums of mass communication like documentaries and short films.
Follow this website for a constant update on our existing and upcoming projects.